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Frequently Asked Questions

How do FQHC facilities qualify for payment of chiropractic services?
Federal law has mandated chiropractic services under Title 42 U.S.C. § 1395x(aa). Although just over half of the States have made provisions for Optional services that include chiropractic coverage for their state licensed providers; Federally licensed FQHCs are covered under Federal laws which states that optional services, including Dental, Chiropractic, Podiatry, etc. when delivered by an FQHC, must be paid. This ruling was reaffirmed on September 23, 2013 by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Why contract with the Chiropractic Community Health Alliances for chiropractic services?
The Chiropractic Community Health Alliance has established a standard of chiropractic management and integration protocols that produces reliable patient access and utilization patterns within the community health care system. CCHA guarantees successful implementation of a chiropractic program that brings significant satisfaction and additional funds to the clinic with minimal cost and effort.

How much space is needed for a chiropractor to treat patients?
We recommend one room about 10 ft X 12 ft. This will serve up to 120 patient visits per week. In some places, at the beginning, we have started in a cleaned out storage room until a more suitable room became available. Chiropractic is not high-tech so minimal space is utilized. The per square foot revenue is impressive.

Our facility has over 30% “non-insured” patients. How are they covered under your services?
In the same way FQHC facilities serve all patients… they are treated as needed under the center’s overall budget. It is understood that all patients have to be treated equally and that includes their ability to have access to chiropractic care; therefore, the Chiropractor’s contract with the Chiropractic Community Health Alliance provides to meet this requirement.

What are the billing codes?
We provide full training for the billing staff to do the billing for chiropractic services. They usually express that chiropractic code entries are the easiest part of their duties.

Do patients have to be referred by the primary physician?
No. Patients have direct access to chiropractic services. However, we encourage referrals from the staff physicians and offer in-house seminars to facilitate the communication. Typically only 10% of patients are referred by other providers and 90% are self or patient referred. Where there has been even the most modest efforts of providing the M.D.s with a better working knowledge of chiropractic it is not uncommon for the physicians to take personal advantage of having a chiropractor on premises.

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